Tunecore’s New Rules For The Music Industry

Techvibes reported that Tunecore, which allows artists to sell their music in three steps, officially launched in Canada back in January. They have since come out with a handbook called the “Music Industry Survival Manual: New Rules For The Music Industry.”

While you can view seven volumes here and order them for free, I’m going to outline in brief Tunecore’s nine new rules for the music industry as it continues to shift from traditional to one with digital downloads, on-demand streams, and unlimited digital shelf space. Artists that use Tunecore have made over a quarter of a billion dollars from 500 million units of music. 

1. Educate Yourself. Tunecore has long struggled with those who call their service a scam but say that it’s no longer acceptable or charming to be the un-informed artist who doesn’t know the difference between a mechanical royalty and a mechanic. There are six legal copyrights- and artists need to know them all to make sure they don’t get screwed when they sign contracts.

2. Commercial Radio and MTV No Longer Singularly Break Bands. Fans through social media now have the power to break a band.

3. Marketing Does Not Always Equal Success. The reason an artist succeeds is because the music causes a reaction.

4. It’s Global. At the click of a button, music is available to buy, share, stream and download around the world.

5. Take Action. Stop waiting for a label, producer, or booking agent—someone else isn’t waiting and leaving you in the dust.

6. Be Transparent. It’s easier than ever to do so in the digital world.

7. It’s About A Constant Stream of Music and Media, Not A Once A Year Album Release. Keep the content flowing, keep your audience engaged—this prevents you from losing momentum.

8. You Are Not Powerless. Within five years, the collective power of you will be bigger than the legacy companies.

9. Define Your Goals. Know what it is that you are trying to accomplish and once you have reached that goal you can move on to the next.