Tungle Accelerate connects calendars and syncs schedules across the web

Web calendars are nothing new. In fact, cloud-based productivity apps are going from a novelty to an everyday business tool at a steady clip. So what’s the next step? Connecting and accelerating.

Montreal-based Tungle aims to amp up the power of web calendars with Tungle Accelerate, a free platform designed to extend the functionality of both online and desktop calendaring systems by tying them together and seamlessly syncing with the advanced features in iCal, Entourage, Outlook and other apps.

Tungle lets users manage proposal of multiple time slots with just one click; for the first time, permits people to see all invitees’ free / busy schedules both inside and outside organizations’ groupware platforms, before invitations are sent – and prevents double-booking through dynamically updated meeting invitations.

“Calendars were originally designed to help people be more productive.  However, electronic calendaring systems are silos and don’t facilitate the easy scheduling of meetings between individuals or groups, and certainly not with people outside an organization or on a different system,” Tungle CEO Marc Gingras said.


So will Tungle Accelerate succeed? That all depends on whether businesses need to talk amongst a vast array of platforms, OSes and apps. And while that wouldn’t be the case in a traditional, top down business, many virtual offices and start ups aren’t even linked by geography, so a web based, free service that allows a spread out workforce to collaborate seamlessly might be one of the key tools of the new workplace.