Tungle chosen for XING’s OpenSocial initiative

Montreal’s Tungle announced this morning that they have partnered with XING and will be bringing easy scheduling to the over 7.5 Million members of the XING Business Network. Tungle is one of sixteen services that were chosen to be participate in the launch of XING’s OpenSocial initiative.

“The objective of the XING OpenSocial initiative is to provide our members with added value applications within the network to tailor their experience,” says Jason Goldberg, chief product officer of XING AG. “Tungle.me is a prime example of this. It allows XING members to connect their calendar to their profiles, giving them simple scheduling capabilities that they didn’t have before.”

Tungle.me for XING is simply an extension of Tungle. Tungle extends the life of existing e-calendar and groupware solutions by allowing users to share calendars across companies and platforms, easily schedule meetings with individuals or groups inside or outside their company, propose multiple meeting times in invitations and much more. Tungle intelligently and automatically adjusts for time zones and prevents double-bookings and results in hours saved in getting meetings booked.

“Tungle takes existing calendars, which today simply track your schedule, and transforms them into dynamic tools that make professionals like the 7.5 million XING members more productive and connected,” says Marc Gingras, founder and chief executive officer of Tungle. “Tungle’s OpenSocial initiative is an important step in helping social networks tighten the linkages between the millions of connections made on their platforms every day.”

Despite being virtually unknown in North America, XING is LinkedIn‘s primary competitor in the online business networking space. While LinkedIn has over 43 million members worldwide compared to XING’s 7.5 million, today’s OpenSocial partner ecosystem announcement of 16 applications trumps LinkedIn’s current 9 partner applications.

Founded in 2006, Tungle is venture-backed by investors Commonwealth Capital Ventures, JLA Ventures, and Desjardins Venture Capital.