Tungle launches iPhone App at DEMOfall 09

TechCrunch archnemesis DEMOfall 09 is underway in San Diego and Montreal’s Tungle is the sole Canadian representative.

Earlier today Tungle launched its iPhone app which allows iPhone users to schedule multiple-person meetings with a “shake” in less time than it takes to get a coffee.

“What’s cool about Tungle is that it takes a task that used to be a huge time suck – namely, scheduling – and turns it into one of the easiest and most efficient parts of your day,” says Tungle founder and chief executive officer, Marc Gingras. “But beyond that, it gives you the ability the strengthen relationships by facilitating the meeting process. With the full Tungle experience on the iPhone, you can now book a five-person meeting while waiting in line for your morning coffee.”


Tungle’s flagship product, Tungle Accelerate, addresses a common hurdle faced by anyone who has meetings – finding a time to meet. This challenge is often furthered by participants who are telecommuting, working within other organizations or located in different time zones.

The calendar accelerator gives professionals the control and flexibility to propose multiple times in meeting invitations, publish their availability, invite others to book meetings with them and share calendars across companies, platforms and time zones, without giving up their existing e-calendars.

With today’s iPhone release, Tungle users can now take the core functions of Tungle with them wherever they go – from creating, sending and receiving meeting invitations, to cross-calendar sharing.

When scheduling a meeting, users can overlay schedules of sharing contacts, and then tap “suggest” or simply shake the device to have the app automatically identify the next five best meeting times for all selected contacts, thus taking advantage of the limited screen space available on the iPhone.