Tungle partners again – this time with Plancast

Montreal’s Tungle continues to nail impressive partnerships and today it’s Plancast – a social calendar publishing service.

Through this partnership, Plancast has integrated Tungle.me into its users’ profiles, allowing users of both services to share their plans and easily schedule meetings.

“This partnership is an important step in the evolution of the social calendar and business networking ecosystem,” stated Marc Gingras, CEO and founder of Tungle. “With the integration of Tungle.me into Plancast, we are facilitating the last mile by marrying intent based platforms, with the ease of scheduling meetings between like minded individuals. The Community has been asking for this integration for some time, so this relationship is in direct response to feedback from users of both applications.”

Plancast users with a Tungle.me account can now add the Tungle.me widget to their Plancast Profile page, allowing visitors to see availability, suggest times to meet, and send a meeting request from their profile page.

Early feedback on the integration has been strong and the marriage of Tungle and Plancast is particularly interesting to those who meet often and different cities, like Robert Scoble.

“The joining of Tungle and Plancast shows a new example of the increasing connectivity of social applications.” says Scoble, Managing Director at Rackspace Hosting. “As a result of the integration of Plancast and Tungle.me I am able to broadcast my intent to attend specific events and be in specific places and then seamlessly schedule meetings with like-minded people.”