Tungle unveils Tungle.me click-to-meet technology

Earlier today Montreal’s Tungle introduced Tungle.me – the first click-to-meet technology. Similar to click-to-call services that put voice calls a click away, Tungle.me’s free click-to-meet technology makes scheduling a meeting pretty painless.

Tungle.me gives users a personalized URL where contacts can see a user’s free/busy calendar and quickly schedule a meeting by proposing multiple meeting times without ever having to sign up to Tungle. When the meeting is booked, everyone gets a meeting confirmation and their calendars are automatically updated. The personalized Tungle.me URL can easily be sent to anyone via email, IM, Twitter and other networking and communication outlets (Tip: If this service sounds compelling, you may want to grab your vanity-style URL now).

Tungle.me is also available via Facebook or web widgets which allows users to enhance their existing online profiles with a  display of their real-time availability. With the Facebook widget, users can see the availability of all of their friends that have the Tungle.me Facebook app installed.

Last month Techvibes’ Warren Frey covered the launch of Tungle’s flagship service – Tungle Accelerate.

Founded in 2006, Tungle is venture-backed by investors Commonwealth Capital Ventures, JLA Ventures, and Desjardins Venture Capital.