TunnelBear Grows to One Million Users

This week Toronto’s TunnelBear announced that it has grown to more than one million users worldwide, doubling in the last six months alone.

A little more than two years ago, TunnelBear started with the humble idea that the Internet was a much better place when everyone could browse the web privately and everyone should experience the same Internet, regardless of location.

At the time, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were difficult to use and limited to businesses and the most tech savvy of users. TunnelBear pioneered really simple applications that have opened up the privacy and website unblocking benefits of VPN to over a million users around the globe across desktop and mobile devices.

“When we started TunnelBear in 2011, our vision was simply to make the Internet friendlier by building a simple application so people could browse the web privately and without restrictions,” said Ryan Dochuk, Co-founder of TunnelBear. “In just more than two years’ time, we have grown our sleuth to more than one million active bears who can proudly claim that the Internet they surf is a little less creepy than before.”

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With the recent rise in consumer concern around Internet privacy, TunnelBear doubled its customer base in the past six months. Now, TunnelBear is used around the world in more than 171 countries.