Turn paper receipts into expense reports with Shoeboxed and Nexonia

Piles of paper receipts, usually shoved into a corner, are the bane of every small businessperson’s existence. It would be extraordinarily useful if there was a way to take those receipts and painlessly recreate them as digital data to be imported and exported in the many formats needed to keep an eye on the bottom line. Now Ontario-based Nexonia and Durham, NC based Shoeboxed are teaming up to make that process just a little bit easier.

Nexonia and Shoeboxed compete in the online expense management space, but they’ve teamed up in an initiative to scan paper receipts and transform them into digital expense reports. Users send receipts, business cards and other ephemera to Shoeboxed through the mail and the company turns paper chaos into digital files that can be used for bookkeeping, taxes, budgeting, insurance, expense reports and invoices. The partnership with Nexonia will allow for generating expense reports directly out of the data Shoeboxed has scanned in. Since Nexonia is web-based, it can be used on PC, Mac and Linux systems.