Turn Your iPad into a Mall: Check Out Toronto’s Shopmox, the Flipboard for Shopping

We’ve all heard of one-stop shops. But how about a one-app shop? (Or would it be a one-app app? Or a one-shop app?)

Toronto’s Shopmox is a self-described “Flipboard for shopping.” Flipboard, if you don’t know, is a highly regarded curator of news, that delivers a fluid, magazine-like stream of content pulled from a variety of relevant sources (similar to Vancouver’s Zite). Shopmox, instead of creating a personalized magazine, concocts a daily “boutique,” a digital showcase of apparel that suits your individual tastes.

While the startup is Canadian, the mobile iOS app has launched only in the US store for now. So far, they’ve hooked some popular retailers, including the full Gap lineup—Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic—as well as Fossil and Urban Outfitters. Hopefully it comes to Canada sooner than later, because we can think of many Canadians who would love to turn their iPad into a digital shopping mall.