TweetUp for a good cause

This evening saw the grand opening of the Toronto exhibit of Pictures Talk at the Red Eye Studio Gallery in the historic Distillery district.

In 2008, four years after the tsunami of 2004, 41 children in Indonesia were asked to photograph their life at that moment.  Children aged 8 to 16 captured hundreds of images of their families, friends and their new homes.  In total, 25 photos were chosen for this exhibit.

Karen Snider, a Toronto area PR and social media professional organized, the evenings event exclusively through Twitter.  People in the Toronto area were invited through the micro-blogging service and were granted private access to the gallery and exhibit. 

These days there are conversations in the social media space about ROI or return on investment.  However, social media is much more than a tool to create a better bottom line.  Many times it’s about audience engagement.  Tonight, the use of social media was to raise awareness about a couple of things.

First, it was about promoting the good works that the Canadian Red Cross is doing. Second, it was about hope.  Hope for a better today and tomorrow.  It was hope that many attendees saw in the eyes of the children in the many pictures on display.  It was hope that was created when many Canadians and people from around the world donated more than $360 million through the Canadian Red Cross.

To join the conversation just type #PicturesTalk into your favourite Twitter search tool.

The exhibit, a visual story of hope, renewal and appreciation, is open to the public starting Wednesday and runs until December 13.