TwestofTO continues to unite westenders


What happens when pop culture, tech,social and design enthusiasts can’t make the trek into the city to attend cool meetups?  They create one themselves.  And that’s exactly what TwestofTO is all about.  toto

Founded in the spring of 2009 by Randy Matheson and Merlene Paynter, TwestofTO provides the opportunity for people to get together that work and live to the west of Toronto and are interested in design, pop culture, tech, social media and everything else.

Last night, TwestofTO met in Hamilton.  And it’s not just another social gathering.  Themed-conversations take place around dinner.  At yesterday’s event 5 speakers presented topics for discussion.  They included the future of education in the digital world, work-life balance in the always on digital space, digital legacy, online brand management, and the future of journalism.

So, if coming into Toronto via the QEW is a chore for you, worry no more.  TwestTO is the place to be.

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