Twitter and LinkedIn unite.

Twitter-In is what Biz Stone refers to as the teaming up of the two platforms Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site used for professional use and with Twitter being used more and more for business and professional reasons and with our online networks becoming more integrated with our resume, the fit seems natural. The new features intended to make LinkedIn and Twitter more powerful for the user has been launched today and will be rolling out within the next few days. You will now be able to sync your accounts so that when you update your LinkedIn status you will be tweeting it to your Twitter followers and vise versa. The set up is very easy, on LinkedIn you can simply select the Twitter icon under your networks update box on your home page. For Twitter you have the option to send all tweets to LinkedIn or select specific ones using the hashtag #li or #in so that only selected tweets will be sent to your LinkedIn which is a good feature to have. It also seems that you add multiple Twitter accounts to your LinkedIn page.

The partnership could prove to be very useful for those with accounts on both sites and will make updating both these networks that much easier. The following video features LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone talking about the partnership. This quick video demonstrates how easily the accounts can be synced and talks about the integration between the two platforms being like peanut butter and chocolate. Updating just got easier.