Twitter and Oprah: It’s Friday a Show You Can’t Miss

Anything Oprah talks about, reviews and touches turns to gold.  And today, during her Friday show, which is in a real-time discussion panel format, she is going to make her first tweet!  (She signed in 4 hours ago and already has 118,071 followers!)  Anyways, it’s fair to say that this is the biggest break for Twitter, no doubt, since the company’s history.  Not only that, Twitter-fiend Ashton Kutcher (who broke the milion-follower-mark at midnight last night) is also on the show, so it’s no doubt that Twitter is getting ready for a major traffic day.  Co-Founder Evan Williams hinted yesterday that–indeed–they are gearing up for an extraordinary day.  So will this be a boom or bust day for Twitter? Can they handle it?  According to Paid Content,

..the has already been struggling to handle the constant flow of new users coming from its surge in popularity with disappearing tweets, people losing followers and missing avatars.

This has many critics questioning whether Twitter would even make it through 2008. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.