Twitter buys Values of n, snags CEO

Portland-based Values of n announced on November 24 that they will be closing its doors on Monday, December 8. The good news? Their intellectual property has been bought by Twitter, so fans of Values of n’s Stikkit and I Want Sandy will hopefully see some of their favourite features incorporated into Twitter in the future.

Rael Dornfest, CEO of Values of n, is moving into an engineering position on the User Experience group at Twitter; a consultant there for several months, he admits that he “fell in love with the team.”

An RSS pioneer, the purchse looks to have been a strategic play for Dornfest himself. Dornfest seems to be genuinely looking forward to the move:

“I’m excited to continue building simple, engrossing products — my favorite thing to do — and to imbue my work with all I’ve learned over the last three years.”

No numbers have come out yet regarding the deal, but one number we do have is $500 million, which is the offer Twitter recently turned down from Facebook.