Twitter causing a backlash?

Are longtime Tweeps really getting fed up with an increasing number of fail whales caused by Twitter’s mainstream acceptance? CNN‘s John Sutter seems to have put his finger on a creeping annoyance for geeks:

Some users say Twitter has outgrown its core audience and is irrelevant to the technophiles who made it popular in the first place. Others are annoyed by the flood of spammers and profiteers who now use the site’s popularity to make a buck.

Regarding growth, it seems likely that fail whales will ultimately be less common in future as Twitter begins to manage what is right now the kind of popularity problem what most companies would love to have.

As to the second point, the spamming possibilities that seemed evident from the get-go with Twitter were actually pretty easy to deal with. The easy remove-follower capability (and the fact that very few people will bother to follow an obvious spam site in the first place) seems to have kept the worst excesses away. I don’t see why that should change.