Twitter Corporate Info Hacked And Sent To Bloggers

This is hard to believe. Twitter, a company which has received $55million in VC funding, has millions of celebrity users and probably valued in the billions – has had a security incident which is unheard of in the startup world. A hacker gained access to 310 internal Twitter documents – stuff like financial projections, meeting notes, list of candidates who interviewed for senior jobs, phone logs of employees, floor plans, security passcodes of the office, etc; and sent out these documents to TechCrunch and other outlets. Surely someone or the other would publish these documents – so the cat is out of the bag already. Even TechCrunch has made a bold decision to publish some of these documents starting today. It would be interesting to see how Twitter reacts to this. Given their dominant position in the market, I feel they might be able to come off unscathed, but blogs publishing those documents sent by a hacker are walking a fine line and probably facing legal repurcussions from Twitter and its backers. This is what Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) just posted on his Twitter account:

arrington ok, really going to bed now. why do i feel like I’m going to wake up to a blog/twitter shitstorm and a possible restraining order? night all