Twitter for Reputation Management

Steve Jagger of and Ubertor knows a thing or two about getting PR. In advance of his co-hosted seminar on The Case for New Communications Tools at the Vancouver Board of Trade tomorrow afternoon, the Vancouver Sun’s Gillian Shaw is profiling Jagger and his social media toolkit in tomorrow’s paper.

Blogging is old-school although it’s still on Reachd’s social networking curriculum. Jagger advises business people they should try it all, focusing on the areas that work best for them and the ones they enjoy. Businesses that ignore social networking are being left behind, according to Jagger.

“All businesses should have a social media director. In my company it’s me,” he said. “You have to be out there on the Internet, watching your company get ripped apart in Twitter. Someone should be out there defending your company, fighting for it, listening to what people are saying about it. It’s reputation management.”

So if you’re sitting on the fence with regards to social media tools such as Twitter, take Jagger’s advice and check to see what the Twittersphere is saying about you and your company. It’s as easy as searching for yourself here. If you’re lucky, the tweets will be positive. If not, you may have some work to do.