Twitter for your Love Life

After recently relocating to Vancouver from Montreal, Brad Bollenbach (former lead developer of the Ubuntu bug tracker, and blogger at 30 sleeps) noticed something strange: there are lots of eligible and industrious bachelors – and bachelorettes – on Twitter, but virtually no way to connect with them on a more, well, intimate level.

He found a few sites out there attempting to fill this need, but nothing that blew him away. So two weeks after touching down at YVR, he convinced his long-time friend, Mark Rainer (founder in 2005 of, sold his stake in 2007) to quit his day job and help him build something that would provide single Twitter users a smooth on-ramp to connecting with each other beyond their 140 character limits.

Four weeks later, was born. The site is, as Bollenbach puts it, “Twitter for your love life.”

Their approach to marketing seems somewhat unique. Instead of the usual text field to leave your email address and get notified later when the product launches, they just released Plenty of Tweeps right away. “We’re not a big budget shop that can afford to waste time or money. We’re two self-funded computer geeks working every second of every day at my kitchen table. We’re in a sprint towards Ramen profitability.”

It looks like they’re serious about engaging their user community right away too. On Twitter, Bollenbach (aka @30sleeps) has offered to take groups of single Twitter users out for drinks to help them test the app. “We want to learn as much as possible, as early as possible, about our user base”, he says, “and we figure that encouraging them to drink before they drive our app will raise our standards on ease-of-use.”