Twitter gets grouped with Tweetizen

One of the great unsung features of Twitter is its ability to form de facto groups of like-minded people, all determined on what you tweet about. If you’re a Canucks or Maple Leafs fan, you’ll soon find people with similar tastes are following you, or you’re following them. But in the rush of new followers, your Twitter feed can become a torrent of seemingly unrelated info.

But Vancouver-based developer Adarsh Pallian aims to take Twitter grouping to the next level with Tweetizen, which lets users create groups and them share them with fellow Twitter users. Users type in search terms and Tweetizen filters through millions of tweets to create a relevant grouping for their areas of interest. The developers of Tweetizen also plan to add the ability to embed Twitter groups in blogs and other websites, as well as working on multiple blog plugins.

Like the best online tools, Twitter seems to have spawned an eco-system of plugins, hacks and extensions that keeps it fresh and useful. With all this activity surrounding the Bay area innovators, it’s surprising that they still can’t come up with a business model.