Twitter in talks with Facebook and Google over acquisition prospect

Can you imagine if either social network giant Facebook or search titan and Android maker Google got ahold of Twitter?

Apparently, it’s a remote possibility.

According to the Wall Street Journal, microblogging platform and information network Twitter has had “low-level” talks with both Facebook and Twitter. The Journal, which cites people familiar with the situation, suggests at executives have indeed discussed the prospects of such a move—which would be a tsunami in the ocean of M&A—but the daily confesses that, according to its sources, “the talks have gone nowhere so far.”

Of course, when it comes to privately owned tech firms these days, no one can be certain. After rumours swirled over Google planning a $2 to $3 billion offer on Groupon, the giant actually did put in an offer—of a staggering $6 billion. Then Groupon flat-out rejected the offer. Today’s leaders of tech companies are fearless and willing to make bold moves, so one must never dismiss seemingly far fetched possibilities.

Facebook and Twitter are arguably North America, if not most of the world’s, two most defining and distinguished social media platforms. Having them under one roof would create a social media powerhouse the world has never seen, but I think that competition between the two—and distinctly different approaches and ownership—is required for these two networks to flourish as they do now.

Google, on the other hand, has tried its hand and failed at social aspects, but Twitter could change that. It could also make Twitter profitable most likely, an issue that the information network has struggled with since starting up.