Twitter Launching Reality TV Shows This Year: Report

Twitter and Hollywood producers are in “serious talks” about the possibility of “several” original video series airing on the social network, according to Adweek.

Twitter is declining to comment, but Adweek suggests the first series could launch as soon as this year. The shows would engage Twitter users through real-time participation, although the details are scarce on that front.

“This is real,” one source told Adweek. “This is more than just talk.”

The series would be similar to today’s reality television – think MTV shows like The Real World. Indeed, Adweek’s sources hinted that a producer behind reality hit The Hills may be involved.

Twitter’s goal with this, the sources say, is to change “the way people consume and discover media.” As it is, Twitter has already become a place for millions of users to discuss television content as it unfolds in real-time, from live sporting events like Euro 2012 to HBO sunday specials like Newsroom. So while a social network creating original content may seem odd at first, it could just make perfect sense.