Twitter meets calendars in Ottawa

“Ever find out about an event after it happens?”

The question was posed by Treena Grevatt last night at Ottawa DemoCamp 12.

To solve this problem, Grevatt, along with Kenton White (both formerly of Distil Interactive,) started Betidings.

In early beta, Betidings is an event discovery tool inspired by Twitter.

Users sign up and create a calendar of events they plan to attend. From there, they can follow or be followed by other users to see upcoming events. The beta also feature an import and export tool for Google Calendar.

However, Betidings is still in beta and many other features are planned including a better user interface, Facebook integration and a recommendation engine to make event discovery even easier.

For anyone looking for a more immediate way to schedule events, Twegather was also shown off at last night’s DemoCamp.

Twegather, currently in private beta, is a Twitter bot that allows users to quickly create and send out events over Twitter and allows others to RSVP by simply sending their own message to the bot.

For example, “Who wants to go for drinks at the Clock Tower on Bank Street?” would create an event and other can RSVP by sending a quick reply.

“Twitter is spontaneity,” said Pascal LaLiberte, one of the creators. “That’s the premise.”

Twegather was born from TeamCamp meetings at Ottawa Co-Working facility, The Code Factory.