Twitter + Pictures =

Ever wonder why someone hasn’t created a way to easily search twitpics and other pictures posted through Twitter?  How about a Twitter client which just focuses on pictures on Twitter?  In real time?  The wait is finally over thanks to a cool new start up, Crowdreel

The facts are that nearly half a million images are uploaded through Twitter everyday. The problem is this content has a tendency to become lost amongst all the other content and noise.

Crowdreel offers users the ability to browse trending topics, popular retweets and content your followers are sharing – all without missing a tweet or twitpic.

Our technology “reels in” content from sites such as Twitpic, Yfrog and Tweetphoto to showcase the stories and people you want to look at. Within five seconds of sharing an image on Twitter, Crowdreel broadcasts it to the world in an easy to browse, simple way.

Visit Crowdreel today and see why a picture is worth a thousand words tweets.