Twitter Search Not Useful at #SXSW?

According to a post by CNET’s Daniel Terdiman, this year’s SXSW is so oversatured by tweets that it’s almost impossible to find anything valuable when searching for news from the geekfest. He says the standard when searching for information at SXSW is to include the #sxsw tag so search is easier, however:

…this year because of the conference’s impressive growth and Twitter’s broader mainstream appeal, it has become almost impossible to find the same value as in the past. I did a search for the “#sxsw” tag on Saturday afternoon and found that there had been 392 tweets with the term in just the previous 10 minutes. That number mushroomed to more than 1,500 in the previous hour.

This has caused some people to get creative: they just search for the people they’re following (who are at SXSW) and then filter the same tag.  Others manage by:

…trying to reduce the number of tagged tweets, hoping to cut down on the flow.

It’s interesting to see how this “oversaturation” phenomenon plays out as Twitter gets more popular and is no longer exclusively used by so called “digitial experts.” It seems the demand for faster and more relevant, richer tweets will spawn new apps and/or solutions to solve this problem?  Or is it not an issue of oversaturation and loss of value-add, but the fault of the user (READ: You’re not using Twitter correctly?!)  Thoughts?