Twitter silently rolls out new timeline features [Video]

Yesterday Pinglio founder Patrick Bisch noticed some changes to his Twitter timeline that no one else did.

What appears to be a currently silent, very tiny and/or slow rollout of new features sees the Twitter timeline—which has famously remained simple and true to its roots, unlike Facebook—get some subtle enhancements. First, the reply and retweet icons have been moved from the bottom of tweets to the top. This seems pointles at first but it’s actually to pave way for Open, a new feature that allows you to expand tweets to obtain more information.

For example, if the tweet links to a photo or video, you can “open” the tweet within Twitter (that is, you do not open a new window or tab or load a new page). The tweet box expands to reveal the media. It can also reveal threaded conversations (this should come in handy for many) and other activities like who retweeted something.

Pat briefs us on the changes he observed in a short YouTube video.