Young Canadian Entrepreneurs Launch Versatile Water Filter for Consumers in Developing Countries

Vancouver’s Twothirds Water is a for-profit social enterprise that has developed an extremely simple and versatile water filter designed for some of the most difficult circumstances in the world.

Tapp is a small, handheld water filter that can connect to tubing or bottle threads, making it very versatile for outdoor sports, travel, international development, and many other uses.

Using a membrane technology called “hollow fiber microfiltration,” which was originally developed for kidney dialysis, Tapp removes more than 99.9% of bacteria and parasites while letting the water flow through. In addition, Tapp has an innovative, patent-pending cleaning mechanism built into the filter, which makes it quick and easy to flush away dirt and maintain high flowrates.

Twothirds Water has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to offer Tapp for pre-sale to online customers. Check out their campaign video below.

Indiegogo contributors can pre-order a Tapp filter, and through a matching program, an additional filter will be donated to a family in a developing country on their behalf.

Twothirds Water was awarded the $15,000 Vancity Social Venture prize in the 2012 BCIC-New Ventures Competition.