Tynt monitors engagement with Tracer

Calgary-based Tynt has put their Graffiti annotation and markup tool on the backburner and are focusing their resources on a new product called Tracer. Launched in Beta, Tracer tracks user actions on your website including copy/paste and highlight to help you learn what content your users find most engaging. Tracer drives traffic back to your site using your copied content with no extra effort or cost.

By inserting a java script tag into the html code of your website, Tracer non-invasively track users interactions with your content. The only change the user sees is when copied content is pasted into an email, blog or website, Tracer automatically add a link back to the originating site at the end of the content. When a user clicks on that link, they are returned to your site and the highlighted content.

It’s currently free to sign up and Tynt CEO Derek Ball reports that new account requests are coming in faster than anticipated. Post-beta, pro and enterprise versions will be launched.

Techvibes has installed Tracer and since turning it on we have tracked over 18,000 (text copies, image copies, and selections) user actions and over 400,000 words copied. Check out the Tynt homepage to get a clear idea of what Tracer can do – you can see the last 25 images and text that have been copied from their beta client’s websites.