Tynt talks about Tracer at the Banff Venture Forum

Digital Content can move around very easily. 86% of web users copy and paste web content daily. Tynt monitors the implicit behaviour of users and what they choose to engage with on websites.

Tynt is seeing very fast adoption of it’s Tracer product. When you copy info from a website, it automatically links to a “read more” link at the bottom of the copied content, where ever you paste it. This drives traffic back to your website, without changing the user experience. On the backside, you get to see what content people are interested in, giving you some interesting analytics. They are looking to augment their services and feature set

Tynt has a free Tracer tool as well as a premium set and seems to be gaining significant traction in the market.

Derek wins another unofficial Banff Venture Forum award, the I-lost-my-voice-the-evening-before-I-had-to-present award. So basically, he’s a trooper.