Typewriters Enjoy Resurgence in Russia Amidst Global Spying Controversy

In recent weeks, the (internet-enabled) world has suddenly become very afraid of being spied on.

Whether or not there is reason to be afraid is not important here though; what’s important is that typewriters are enjoying a resurgence, at least in some niche markets.

The Russian government recently spent $15,000 to buy 20 typewriters so that workers can type without being spied on before hand-delivering the content to correspondents, according to a Russian newspaper. And apparently that was not the first order.

Quoth Mashable:

[Russia’s] Defense ministry, the Emergencies ministry and the “special services” are already creating documents on non-electronic devices. President Putin is already receiving some of his correspondence this way.

As a result of typewriters potentially becoming cool again, however, it’s likely that hipsters will abandon the technology as using them will lose all sense of irony.

We also seriously fear the quality of copy generated by modern typewritists, given today’s generation’s extreme reliance on real-time, automated spellcheck.