U-Exchange Brings Back The Barter System

Cambridge, Ontario based U-Exchange has been receiving a lot of media attention lately for their increasingly popular bartering site. Many tradesmen who have been having trouble finding paying customers have flocked to the U-Exchange website in the hopes of filling their open schedules. There are plumbers willing to work for golf clubs and someone seeking landscaping and fencing for the keys to their Porsche. Over the past year U-Exchange has grown from 30,000 to 54,000 users largely due to the media attention the site has gained. U-Exchange has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal, on the CBC and even NBC.

The site has a very simple design, is ad supported and the concept is similar to Craiglist. U-Exchange’s main distinguishing feature is its user base which is extremely dedicated to the barter system. From used clothes all the way up to houses a little bit of everything is up for exchange on the site. Even if your not interested in bartering the site is worth checking out just to see the massive list of global media attention they have gained over a year.