University Student Group Partners with Square

This September, the Alma Mater Society (AMS), which represents all students at UBC, will begin using Square, the point-of-sale technology that allows individuals and businesses to accept credit cards on their cellphones.

AMS President Aaron Bailey explained that the partnership aligns with the AMS’ vision to improve the quality of the educational, social, and personal lives of the students of UBC. 

Bailey said of its use of Square, “It allows clubs in particular to connect with students more quickly as they enter our university community.”

During Club Days, when the nearly 400 student clubs crowd the Student Union Building to engage students and new potential members, Square will be used to streamline the payment of membership fees and the purchase of event tickets and merchandise.

Bailey continued, “Our goal at the student union is ensure students have memorable experiences outside the classroom.  We really want to connect them with communities, and our clubs are one of our largest ways to do so.  We have about 400 student-led clubs.  By connecting students earlier with those membership fees, it really makes sure students engage deeper with campus community earlier in their career.”

The point-of-sale technology has already been used for beverage purchases by AMS at earlier events.  The positive feedback from students and volunteers alike about convenience and effectiveness of the technology led to this broadened scope of its use on campus.

For students, the use of Square is also meant to signal that the AMS is eager to adopt technology that enhances student-life. 

Bailey stated, “This is a clear example to our student body that we’re willing try out new things and be innovative to make their lives easier.”

According to Jenny He, Communications Lead at Square, the partnership with UBC aligns with the company’s core value to make commerce easy for everyone.

The partnership with AMS is a continuation of Square’s growth and  collaborations within Canada after launching in the country in 2012, and setting up a permanent Canadian office in May last year.