Uber Launches App for BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Uber has launched a dedicated app for BlackBerry 7.

The Silicon Valley startup’s controversially disruptive black car and taxi hire service has had some difficulties penetrating the Toronto and Vancouver markets. In Vancouver, the company was forced to charge a sky-high $75 minimum charge per trip last year. And in Toronto, officials argue the company is operating illegally (a complaint it has faced in several US cities as well).

Uber also launched a Windows Phone app.

“Our goal is to be everyone’s private driver, and as we grow throughout the world, we want to provide our users with an experience tailored to them,” the company wrote in a blog post today. “That means that Blackberry and Windows Phone users can now download our app directly from the Appworld and Marketplace, respectively.”

In addition to the new app launches, Uber revamped its Android version with features such as Foursquare integration and a fare estimator.