Uber Toronto Creatively Curbs Drunk Driving with New Curbside Breathalyzer

Uber has developed a curb-side breathalyzer to help keep streets safe and last weekend it was in action in Toronto.

The custom-built sidewalk kiosk helps guide users to hail a driver for a safe ride home, simply by blowing into it.

Dreamed up by agency Rethink and built by design and fabrication studio Stacklab, the Uber Safe Breathalyzer is outfitted with disposable straws, a tablet and the Uber app, and a breathalyzer that analyzes the alcohol content in their breath after blowing continuously for 6 seconds.

“We want to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable ride home is available to everybody, especially late at night when drunk driving is most common and can be avoided,” says Ian Black, Uber Toronto’s General Manager.

Everyone who participated and blew into the kiosk received a free Uber ride home for being a good sport.