Lockdown in Sydney Prompts Surge Pricing from Uber, Spurring Further Controversy

The controversy surrounding Uber continues.

When the city of Sydney in Australia faced a lockdown and hostage situation this morning, Uber’s automated surge pricing kicked in due to demand outstripping supply, causing fare prices to reach up to four times their original cost. “Demand is off the charts! Rates have increased to get more Ubers on the road,” a warning on the app read.

However, following severe social media backlash, Uber not only removed surge pricing from that particular event, but also started offering free rides for those trying to leave the area in danger. The gaff follows several recent fiascos relating to Uber, a company whose constant controversy has almost become its most defining aspect.

Uber, which could be valued at up to $40 billion, may not be as bad as people think, though.

In Montreal, the company is bringing back UberSleigh, in whch cars pick toys for donation up from houses for free.