Toronto’s Uberflip Welcomes Hubspot as 1,000th Paying Customer

Today, Toronto-based Uberflip announced its 1,000th paying customer: inbound marketing software provider Hubspot.

The Canadian startup says it has grown its customer base 362% since rebranding to Uberflip last year. The boostrapped company, which makes it easy to convert PDFs into page turn experiences viewable on tablets and other devices notes other customers include BlackBerry and Microsoft.

“Reaching 1,000 customers is a significant milestone for me and our team of 25 employees,” says Uberflip founder Yoav Schwartz. “It’s been a little over a year since we rebranded to Uberflip, and the growth has been astonishing. We’ve had over 10,000 companies use our software, with over 100,000 flipbooks created.”

Jay Acunzo, HubSpot’s Head of Content Production and Strategy, explained why the software provider chose Uberflip.

“HubSpot creates a lot of ebooks to support our inbound marketing efforts, but as our volume, our team, and our audience all quickly scaled, we needed to get smarter with our content strategy,” Acunzo said. “Uberflip’s analytics help us understand what our audience cares about, how they engage, and how specifically the various writers on our growing team can improve our reader experience.”

Schwartz says reaching the 1,000-customer milestone “serves as validation to us that we are best-in-class with regards to digital publishing,” adding that Uberflip is “at the forefront of content marketing and we are continuing to invest in our proprietary technology as we accelerate growth.”