Too Drunk to Donate? Uber’s Got Your Back with the UberSleigh in Toronto

Uber is the San Francisco-based startup that has “revolutionized” taxi service by moving transactions from a telephone to a cell phone. Instead of booking a cab by phone and paying the driver in the car, you book a cab by cell phone and pay the company through the app. (Welcome to the future, Grandma!) I’ll take my $49.5 million in venture capital funding, please.

The company has cooked up a feel-good publicity stunt for Christmas called UberSLEIGH, where instead of calling Uber to pick you up to keep your drunk ass from driving, you can call Uber to pick up your new, unwrapped toys to keep your drunk ass from passing out in front of the donation bin.

In Toronto, Uber has partnered with the 47th Annual CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish Toy Drive. On Thursday, December 19, from 10:30am to 3:30pm, Torontonians can use the Uber app (available for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry7) to call the UberSLEIGH.


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A fancy black Uber car will swing by your place to pick up your toy donations, free of charge.  To sweeten the deal, Uber is offering $20 off your first ride if you enter the promo code UberSLEIGHTO, which appears to be their standard customer acquisition offer.

The CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish program assisted 300,000 people last year in toy donations and financial support. The program’s website notes that many of their donated items were destroyed during the freak Toronto flood this past summer, so they may need an extra nudge this Christmas to restock their warehouse. You can make a cash donation to the program on their website, or take a regular old 20th-century taxi cab to your nearest Honda dealer and drop off a new, unwrapped toy for your chance to win your very own car, which you can drive whenever you like—except when you’re ho-ho-horribly drunk.

In that event, cue up the Uber app.