Ubertor extends, expands video capabilities

Ubertor, realtor Steve Jagger’s attempt to bring the real estate industry into the 21st century, has been driving innovation in the Vancouver realty market forward since its inception. The company has focused particularly on online video, even going so far as to distribute Flip cameras to realtors in 2007 and adding video syndication in 2008. As of today, Ubertor has taken further steps to make creating video content a painless process for realtors by introducing a new video hosting and aggregation platform.

“Some of our clients have had their videos shut down from video players due to their real estate or commercial content. Some video players do not like real estate content or in some cases anything commercial. We had many clients have this problem. So, we have built our own platform that allows our clients to upload videos without the worrying about being shut down for posting their listings, commentary or real estate related content,” Jagger said.

Users will be able to upload videos from within a video tab of their own custom Ubertor site, which then syndicates to Youtube and Viddler, with the option of using Ubertor’s own “Combustion” player. An example of the new player can be seen here (fourth video on the page.)

Techvibes readers can check out the new service for free (for 30 days) by heading to Ubertor’s singup page.