Ubisoft Opens New State of the Art Studio in Canada

Ubisoft is opening a new state of the art studio in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood. Ubisoft is bolstering its performance capture work; this studio is in addition to the one at its Canadian headquarters in Montreal. Ubisoft Toronto was founded in early 2010.

The new studio is 2,000 square feet in size and is designed to help incorporate more realistic actions and emotions into video games. Better than explaining that with text, check out the awesome video below from the National Post.



With the new studio, Ubisoft Toronto is hoping to become a leader in performance capture technologies, according to the National Post. It’s expected that the company’s other studios around the world will use the space as well.

“Virtual production, specifically performance capture, is a critical part of the experience we provide to players around the world,” Yannis Mallat, chief executive officer of Ubisoft in Canada, said during a press conference unveiling the studio. “It contributes to storytelling in our games and delivers narrative and interactive gameplay to maximize immersion for the player. Games are not films. Games, like films, are about telling stories, but with a fundamental difference: interactivity. And the technology and the tools that we provide our team to create the best interactive experiences out there are of Hollywood calibre.”

Quoth the National Post:

The studio features 80 Vicon T160 motion capture cameras which can measure and record the actions of multiple actors in the studio, thanks to motion markers on the clothes of the actors. As well, the studio has a handful of wireless helmet cameras which are designed to capture facial expressions which can be synched in real time with the voices of the actors and their body movements.

Ubisoft plans to invest $500 million into its Toronto studio. It’s expanding in Toronto because Ontario boosted its interactive digital media tax credit to 40% from 25% (of labour costs).