UEnd organization to be the first-ever non-profit to be U:Powered

UEnd (formerly ChristmasFuture) seeks to become the first ever non-profit organization that fully funds its operations from monthly contributions of just $5 from everyday people (not the Sly & The Family Stone, Arrested Development, or Joan Jett songs, but rather, people like you and me).

UEnd is all about empowering everyday people to end poverty, saying “we each need to take responsibility for our world and play our role in ending poverty – hence our name: UEnd. At UEnd, we aim to help everyday folks change the world by refocusing a portion of their gift spending towards the poorest people in the world. 100% of the donations to projects at UEnd go directly to those projects. We put the money where you, the people, tell us you want it to go. No hidden percentage grabs for overhead. Now we are using that same philosophy, the philosophy that Barack Obama used to win his US Presidential bid, to build our organization. UEnd will be U: Powered. Powered by the people, for the people!”

They are looking for 10,000 people to take part in this new approach to building a non-profit organization that seeks to end extreme poverty and plan to be transparent about where the money is going. The monthly $5 contribution will be automatically deducted from each donor’s credit card. All donations are fully tax-receiptable. The user can stop these contributions at any time for any reason.

Jay Baydala, Executive Director and Founder of UEnd says, “It’s all about helping people do what they want to do. People want to make this world a better place; they just need personal choice, an easy method, and transparency into the spending. That’s UEnd!”

For more information on the program, or to become part of U: Powered check out their website www.uend.org.