Umanity launch party goes down on Wednesday

2XM Interactive will be launching their latest offering, Umanity, with a bang on Wednesday. A free launch party at Notman House, featuring free food and an open bar will be the world’s introduction to Umanity for iPhone.

What’s Umanity? Well, here’s what the creators had to say:

Umanity is like Google Street View became real-time and then started dating Twitter. Or like the Wayback machine ( broke free in the real world. You get to see what’s happening anywhere on the planet, at any point in time.

You’re at home and wanna know if the Jazz Fest is banging? Point Umanity to downtown Montreal and see for yourself. Want to see what’s really happening in the Middle East? Just zoom in on the region.

So… what exactly does that mean? It means that Umanity provides a Google Map of the world, and shows where posts are coming from. You can zoom in on the map and see what’s going in places where posts are coming from, as well as view photos from these locations. You can check out a web version of Umanity here.

Spaces are filling up fast for this launch party, but there’s still time to RSVP. For more information, including registration, click here.