Unbounce Lands Office in Montreal

Vancouver-based startup Unbounce, a landing page platform for marketers, has announced that it is expanding to Montreal.

This is their first satellite office and will help establish the company’s East Coast presence.

Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault wrote a candid post today on the company’s team blog explaining their decision to develop a presence in Montreal. “Some of my peers wanting to escape the Vancouver talent crunch are all looking at Toronto, so we’re going to zig while they zag,” said Perreault.

Perrault also points to Montreal’s thriving startup community and being able to better serve their East Coast customers as reasons for heading to Quebec.


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The company admits that maintaining team culture will be it’s number one challenge but also something it will be razor-focused on. Unbounce has doubled revenue and team size in 2013 and plans to do the same in 2014. Their team is currently at more than 40 employees with over 6,000 paying customers.

They believe expanding their talent pool to Montreal will help them achieve these goals—they’ll be immediately hiring for their marketing and customer success departments. Unbounce will be hosting an Open House in Montreal on April 3 with Perreault doing a “Lessons Learned” Q&A session with local startup founders.

“Montreal is awesome,” says Perreault. “There’s an amazing mix of cultures, a great energy, and a vibrant tech community that we’re excited to be a part of.”