Unbounce out of private beta and converting traffic

Vancouver startup Unbounce is unique in that it has not two, but six co-founders. However that appears to have been their saving grace as they have gone from idea to private beta launch and an Angel round in five short months.

In one sentence, Unbounce makes it easy for Marketers to create, publish and test landing pages.

The Founding team developed Unbounce after experiencing first hand the frustration of trying to get effective landing pages launched for their own online individual marketing campaigns. As anyone in marketing knows, it’s important to get things done quickly – a task often made more difficult when you have to rely upon IT resources who have their own priorities and timelines.

Unbounce takes care of that by giving marketers control over their landing pages and since recently coming out of private beta, marketers have been eager to give Unbounce a try.

When asked for examples of landing pages that their 750+ users have created to date, a timely example came to mind.  A Clever Twist‘s Jen Gordon is collecting leads for her soon-to-be-released iBrite iPad App with a landing page that incorporates a YouTube demo video in a iPad frame and a embedded PollDaddy poll surveying interested parties what the ideal price should be. Smart.

While the folks at Unbounce are happy to walk anyone through the process of creating their own landing pages, CrowdTamers’ Trevor Longino has been kind enough to provide a unsolicited endorsement of Unbounce and a tutorial for first time users.

CrowdTamers does its fair share of social media marketing, it’s true, but I do a fair amount of social media training as well, and there are few tools that I can get as enthusiastically behind as I can for Unbounce. A simple platform where you can create customized landing pages in a dead-simple WYSIWYG editor? Sign me up. More importantly, sign my clients up, because as often as I say that landing pages are crucial to making your campaigns convert, they frequently can’t spend the extra money to get a professionally-designed landing page created and hosted somewhere. Unbounce registration is free (for the moment) so go run over there right now and sign up with an account.

If you’re a marketer out there, you should probably take Longino’s advice and bounce over to Unbounce and give it a test drive.