New Precedent Set? Unbounce Releases Incredibly Transparent Year in Review

Many private companies, including startups, post annual “Year in Review” posts for public consumption.

There’s no rule around these, obviously, so how much information is shared varies widely. Most keep cards close to their chest; Unbounce decided to lay them all on the table.

“For Unbounce, 2014 was a year of change and growth, like any fast-growing startup,” the company starts in its review. “We grew in customers, more than doubled our brainpower, added some awesome, much anticipated features, including mobile responsive landing pages, opened an office in Montreal and moved offices here in Vancouver, held our very first conference and so much more.”

The review begins innocently enough. Until the numbers flow in, and boy, are they specific. 47 new employees, check. Solved 18,527 support tickets, check. And the kicker: earned $6,938,938 dollars while spending $6,379,446 dollars in 2014.

That’s virtually unprecedented for a company in Unbounce’s situation, but they go on to dig even deeper than that, noting for example the amount of paying customers (7,842) and the average annual revenue per employee ($124,000).

Check out the company’s full Year in Review.