Unemployed Canadians Overwhelm Federal Website

The federal government has another struggle on its hands.  According to the Globe and Mail, the federal job site was overtaxed yesterday by the large amount of jobless who have turned online in hopes of finding work.  This sparked major complaints. Apparently most people got an error message when they tried to post their resumes. http://www.jobbank.gc.ca.  How frustrating!

“Unfortunately, we have unprecedented numbers of people looking to the job bank,” Ms. Finley said. “We are working to update that to ensure it is robust enough to withstand the demands upon it. We are working on that to serve Canadians.”

The early part of 2009 has been hard for Canadian workers. The latest employment figures released last week showed 129,000 jobs were lost in January as the unemployment rate jumped more than half a percentage point to 7.2 per cent. More jobs were lost in January than in any month during the downturns of the 1980s and 1990s.

Officials say the site is now functioning properly.

The job-bank website is an online version of a free service Ottawa has been providing since the 1960s, pairing private- and public-sector employers with potential employees.