unGEEKED’s 3-Day Event Rolling into Toronto

What is unGeeked?

unGEEKED e’lite events have been talked about as “3-day summer camp” and “3-day retreats.” The 3 day event is being held October 28-30, 2010 at the Atlantis Pavilion in Ontario Place.

 unGEEKED e’lite focuses on seven main objectives from embracing internal and external branding campaigns to strategizing effective sales efforts.

What to expect from the three days?

With 26 nationally known speakers as well as regional superstars in the lineup, the array of experience and opinions should make for interesting conversations.

A constant juggling act with events from the attendees’ perspective, in my opinion, is the balance of solid information + interaction. Sure, you can ask questions at the end of the talk but what about having a room with only 20 like-minded individuals debating and conversing around one topic?

That’s what the 20-on-one private consultation sessions are. I’m interested to hear the quality of questions that solve specific obstacles/barriers rather than “how do I get more followers on Twitter?”

Why you should you go?

There are many events we’ve attended where there just wasn’t enough to get to know the people well. With three days of summer camp, cool kids and yummy freezies open forum sessions with high quality speakers, you’re bound to soak in strategies to take your business a couple of notches up. Register for unGEEKED e’lite Toronto here: www.ungeekedelite.com/toronto.

PS: “unGeeked Elite Attendee Only” After Parties with free appetizers and cash bar sounds like the cherry on top.