University Dropouts Found, a Social Music and Video Sharing Service

You may have heard of them from Founder Fuel‘s Demo Days earlier this month.

Montreal-based startup is eagerly looking to fill the gap in Canada that companies like Spotify have thus far failed to with their lack of presence. The Canadian company enables users to save video and music content shared on their social networks, transforming typically temporary media into permanent playlists that can be self-customized or auto-built by Wavo via relevance tactics.

Currently in beta—and rumoured to be in the midst of raising a seed round of financing—the so-called “Pinterest for video and music” is founded by three young entrepreneurs, two of whom dropped out of university to work on Wavo full time. has other intresting features, including the ability to embed it, and social enhancements such as how it might be used at a concert. See the service in action in the three-minute video below.