University of British Columbia Adds Part-Time Online Courses to Teach Mobile App Development

UBC Continuing Studies has launched a new series of programs and courses aimed at advancing the skills of web developers, programmers and network administrators.

These online, part-time offerings are based on a “real-world,” applied approach to learning and cover topics such as Agile Web App Development in Ruby on Rails, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Securing an Online Enterprise, according to the university.

“The unique aspect of these new programs is that they are taught using a story-centred curriculum approach,” explains Raquel Collins, Associate Director of UBC Continuing Studies. “The student plays a central role in the story and develops their skills as they work to achieve one or more significant objectives over a series of tasks. By placing the student in simulated company and assigning complex, realistic projects it helps prepare the student to succeed in the workplace.”

Programs vary between seven and 14 weeks long. Each encompasses 10 hours of online study per week. Some start as early as this June, while others are slated to begin in the fall. They offer an alternative to Lighthouse Labs’ full-time bootcamps in Vancouver.