University of Regina begins offering course on app development

As the sales of apps for smart devices like phones and tablet computers continue to grow, the University of Regina is growing its computer science department to meet this new reality.

U of R students will be able to take a course starting in January, that teaches how to develop successful apps for devices like BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Droid. The course is not platform specific, because it aims to provide students with the tools to successfully adapt to a rapidly changing sector of the mobile market.

From The Vancouver Sun:

“This is the hottest technology there is in software development,” said Howard Hamilton, computer science department head [pictured].

“There’s tens of thousands (of apps) being created and some of the people who make them are making millions of dollars from one simple idea,” said Hamilton.

“That isn’t going to happen to most students, but what’s going to happen is, even within the city, employers are going to start saying, ‘We need our materials on the web, but we need it to display in an interesting fashion on someone’s mobile device.’ “

The article also notes that a few U of R science grads are already working in the field of apps. In fact, iNotes for iPad was designed by U of R grad Anson Li.

It’s good to see that universities are keeping up with the times, especially in the science departments. But it makes me wonder, have apps been around long enough for coursework to be structured around their development? I just question whether enough work and research has been done in the marketplace to make a course about development viable.

Do you think a university course on app development is worthwhile? If you were a university student, would you want to take the course? Sound off in the comments section!