University of Toronto helping to make the Internet more profitable

The University of Toronto is playing a role that may make the internet more profitable for online publishers.  A new technology developed at the University allows ads to be resized to fit any available website space instead of being pigeon-holed into three or four specific sizes, meaning websites must be designed around the ads. The size restrictions limit ad placement options and also affect the way ads look on mobile devices.

A new technology, developed by UofT Electrical and Computer Engineering associate professor Parham Aarabi, enables ads to be resized automatically to conform to any web space.

Currently, a significant portion of usable website spaces are not used for advertising because the standard size ads don’t fit.  Our technology is the first ever to conform ads to any available website space in an automated and practical way. Essentially, advertisers provide a single ad at a preset size, and our technology can, automatically and dynamically, regenerate the ad at any size, resolution, or aspect ratio by taking into account the contents of the ad, relevant text, and other information.

Parham Aarabi will present the concept at the World Wide Web 2010 Conference in late April in Raleigh, North Carolina.