University of Waterloo students find strong success during app-building week

When I skipped class during my college days, it was usually because I was too hung over from the previous night or I knew that the day’s class was going to be unpleasant (for example, my environmental science class trip to the sewage plant; best day of class I never went to). The thought never crossed my mind to skip class for constructive purposes — although I guess nursing a hangover is sort of constructive.

But the thought certainly crossed the minds of seven University of Waterloo students, called Club 7Cubed. This past November, the seven students spent seven days designing seven apps; and while they didn’t quite reach the goal of creating seven apps, they’ve come up with a formidable series of five apps nonetheless:

  • Quick Cite: Making up a bibliography for a paper? Just take a picture of the book you are citing, and Quick Cite will send the citation to your email inbox in the format you want.
  • Minehub: This is a dedicated Minecraft server provider that allows users to set up private, secure Minecraft servers that can be shared with friends.
  • SKRMSH: This is a location-based game played in teams for check-in dominance over “sectors.” It includes RPG elements, and has plans for more social media integration.
  • Gitflic: This software allows for easier collaboration between graphic designers, web site designers and project managers. It allows the graphic designer to have work flow charted for her to make the process smoother.
  • UWChat: This chat service for University of Waterloo students asks you to simply type in your room number, and then you instantly join a chat room specifically for that room.

While not every app is available to the public yet, Quick Cite is. If I was still in college — and not skipping class because of a hangover — it definitely would have made my bibliographical experiences a lot easier.

You can check out the full timeline of 7Cubed’s experiences here.